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    Driving Around
    An ever-popular city with lots to see and do around town.

Newcomers Are Attracted to Fort Worth

Fort Worth, Texas is a popular place to move to for people from another part of Texas or from another state. The city is in close proximity to an international airport, historical sites, a variety of shopping centers, and different genres of entertainment. Newcomers to Fort Worth are usually excited and anxious to get around town and discover what native Fort Worth residents already know.

  • Major Attractions
    See what Fort Worth is famous for

    Fort Worth is famous for the Fort Worth Stockyards Historical District with over 100 acres of attractions, a must visit for sure. Another big attraction is the Forth Worth Water Gardens in downtown, something you can’t miss if you’re just visiting. Fort Worth also has its very own botanic gardens spread over 109 acres with over 2,500 species of plants, no doubt a very colorful place in the springtime.

  • Attractions Aplenty
    Family fun for everyone

    For those who appreciate the memories of the past, Fort Worth has lots of museums including the Sid Richardson Museum, the Kimbell Art Museum, the Modern Art Museum, the Vintage Flying Museum, the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, and believe it or not, a National Cowgirl Museum. Fort Worth even has it own zoo that includes gorillas, lions, giraffes, and a slew of smaller exotic animals.

  • A Variety of Entertainment
    Go out and enjoy yourself today

    Everyone loves to be entertained and there is no lack of entertainment choices in Fort Worth. The city is filled with movie theaters, arcades, shooting ranges, golf courses and miniature golf, bowling allies, adventure parks, city parks, game rooms, and sports centers and arenas. And for you night owls, there are many nightclubs and dance halls to choose from encompassing a variety of music genres.

Just Driving Around Fort Worth

If you like the idea of simply going for a quick drive or a short road trip, you’ll find plenty of places to travel to within one to two hours away from Fort Worth. Driving can be lots of fun, but it can also be challenging fighting traffic and possibly losing your way. If you have an encounter involving an accident, don’t worry, Fort Worth has many fine medical facilities and car accident lawyers to help get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

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