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Jessica Jenny's friend
[11/15/06, 9:06 AM] writes:
is chole a great dane or a greyhound?????

Jenny Mosher
[11/15/06, 9:04 AM] writes:
Hey just wondering read the home page but how much will it be for a dachshund for my friend Jessica n her dog/family if they ever need a kennel?

Larry LaMancha
[8/28/06, 2:36 PM] writes:
I love the play yard and all the beautiful flora. The view of the river and rocks is stunning from the shade porch. We're definately staying!

Larry, Daisy and Lilly

Carol Evans
[7/26/06, 6:10 AM] writes:
The first time we visited Kenney's kennel we knew that it was the place to leave Chesty when we had to be away. The socialization is a much needed treat for Chesty as well. We know that Chesty will be well taken care of and loved by Auntie Lynn . Thank you for all the excellant care.
Jon, Carol and Chesty Evans

Carol Clifford
[8/17/05, 5:35 PM] writes:
Looking forward to bringing Mitzi on 9/10 early for one week boarding with you.


I like the website.

Michelle and Heather

[6/28/05, 9:30 PM] writes:
we're on vacation and we're going to help the kennistons catch the kitty under the porch. It's starting to come out to eat more often and heather was standing at the door while it was eating and it stayed there for a little bit.

Ellen Braley
[6/14/05, 7:33 PM] writes:
We have a 1 1/2 year old black lab, Sadie, whose one and only "kennel experience" was
horrible--for her and for us! We are hoping
that we may be able to visit you someday soon
to see if we can possibly give it another try.
We've heard nothing but good and positive
things about you and your kennel and look
forward to a visit.
Ellen Braley

Briana Bradley
[5/18/05, 4:50 PM] writes:
Our dog Lucy just loves it there, she always comes back good and I know she's had a lot of fun!!!

Dick Armstrong
[3/17/05, 7:37 PM] writes:
Hi Paul & Lynn!
I finally checked out your Web-Site!
It's the greatest!!!
Joyce & I recently bought a Standard Poodle
puppy. To bad your Grooming business is so
far away.
I don't get up North these days, but haven't
forgotten that you were a great guy to work with.
Take care, Dick

Meggan Catanzaro
[12/29/04, 8:16 PM] writes:
Hey Lynn I like the website! You need to have kelsey or someone put up some more pictures for you!

[8/31/04, 6:52 PM] writes:
Hi again please put my sn on ur buddy list and write to me?
Love Jenny
o yeah we start school on Thurs on the 2nd.
Give Bumper and all the rest of the dogs a pat for me thank a mill

Deirdre and Chris Hall

[8/3/04, 4:42 PM] writes:
I love Beagles --you're back drops rule!

[7/9/04, 7:17 PM] writes:
Hi Uncle Paul Auntie Lynn Partick maybe one day you can take Sparkles and Shadow and uncle Bobby cat Cuddles one day!

Love Jenny

[6/20/04, 7:04 PM] writes:
I love Kenney's Kennel. I've been going there for the past 5 months or so. I have a great time playing, eating and napping. What I love most is the TLC!
Thank you Lynn!

James Kenney
[6/20/04, 6:43 PM] writes:

Kristi Nesteruk
[5/4/04, 5:29 AM] writes:
Lynn, it was so great talking to you last night. I love your website and it looks like you have a beautiful home and kennel. We are feeling very good about leaving our baby with you!! I will be in touch with a few more questions, talk to you soon!


Dean & Janet Gauntlett
[4/7/04, 7:37 PM] writes:

Regena L. Fitchett
[3/31/04, 7:27 PM] writes:
It was very nice to chat with you tonight and to get an overview of your pad....
I will be in touch to check out your country estate for loving pets.
Looking forward to meeting you.
Regena and Lady

[3/12/04, 8:13 AM] writes:
Congratulation, it was very interesting surfing around here,
It was a great pleasure for me to visit and enjoy you site. Keep it running!
Greetings from Austria !

[1/2/04, 6:30 PM] writes:
We breed welsh ponies

cheri and joe
[8/27/03, 6:24 PM] writes:
hi lynn, what a great picture of Chloe, I hope everything is going well with her, she looks like she's fitting in just fine...certainly couldn't of found her a better home, she is so missed....... please keep in touch!!!

Cheri and Joe

Jennifer Mosher
[7/15/03, 3:30 PM] writes:
Thankyou Uncle Paul for having us over your houes Uncle Paul Auntie Lynn and Partick!!!!!!!!!

Tracey Bickford
[5/19/03, 8:57 PM] writes:
This is a great website...I found all the information I needed. My two dogs look forward to a visit to you facility.

Auntie Millie and Uncle Roy
[4/8/03, 2:02 PM] writes:
Pictures are beautiful...looks like you've found your paradise! Good Luck!

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[12/27/02, 8:01 PM] writes:

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Marilyn Cipriano
[11/26/02, 10:25 AM] writes:
GREAT WEB SITE...Love the Beagle....
Best of Luck I know you'll do great...
Shelby would love it their and I would finally take that vacation without worry.
You have done a great job, keep up the good work. You DID IT..........
See you soon. All our Love and Wishes.

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